Codan Marine

Codan is represented in all the Nordic countries. From our offices situated in Copenhagen and Bergen, we work in partnership with the Nordic Maritime Industry, offering a wide range of Marine insurance products and insurance cover for ocean going vessels trading worldwide as well as smaller fishing boats and shipyards.

Our clients - Nordic shipowners, ship managers, ship operators, yards and financial institutions - operate in a volatile business environment where risk mitigation is vital. We provide a variety of insurance products designed to reduce risk exposures during the life cycle of a vessel.

Codan offers:

  • Several hundred years of experience in marine insurance
  • Expertise in both underwriting and claims
  • Comprehensive knowledge of marine insurance
  • Tailor-made insurance solutions, Global fronting arrangements and bespoke conditions and limits solutions
  • Insurance counseling, Seminars and Training
  • Access to worldwide underwriting support

The acquisition of RSA Insurance Group has now been formally completed. This means that Codan Denmark is now jointly owned by Intact Financial Corporation and Tryg A/S. Intact Financial Corporation will be responsible for operations at Codan while Tryg A/S will not play any operational role.

Our customers and business partners will not be affected. Policies and arrangements will continue unchanged, and insurance claims will still be handled in exactly the same way. Our customer and claims services will still be available, just as before.

We remain as dedicated as ever to providing the best possible service, and committed to keeping our customers and business partners fully informed of future developments at Codan.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.