Claims Handling

Codan has a long history within the marine insurance industry, and regularly deals with a wide variety of claims, from small third party liability claims to major main engine breakdowns and complex collisions. Our claims departments have expertise within the fields of marine engineering, maritime law, navigation, dispute resolution and adjusting and offer around the clock availibility to all of our customers.

Codans claims department is located in Copenhagen. We also have an extensive network of agents around the world, so wherever and whenever you encounter a problem, we will do our outmost to assist and guide you through any unforeseen occurrences.

We continuously strive to give our customers a brilliant service by:

  • Being accessible 24/7, so you can reach us when you need us
  • Being alert and able to take action accordingly
  • Maintain a strong relationship with our customers and service providers
  • Mobile and adaptable, as no claim is identical
  • Swift and professional in-house claims handling and adjusting services
  • Timely payments on account and compensation
  • Towage & salvage arrangements
  • Legal & insurance advice in the wake of an average
  • Recovery support
  • Repair alternative analysis
  • Network of worldwide average agents
  • 150 years of relevant experience (insurance, legal, nautical, shipping)