Global Graduate Program

Our potential is yours

Lots of people work for a global company. But Codan is part of one of the world’s leading insurance groups that works for you. Whoever you are, wherever you want to go.

Join our RSA Global Graduate Programme and we’ll use our international expertise, resources and opportunities to help you be the very best you can be. We’ll give you the opportunity to make a real difference.

We look for Graduates driven to succeed, committed to treating customers and colleagues right, always striving to be the very best. We believe in a two-way deal. We ask you to give us your best, so we can do our best by you. We want you to realise your potential, as you help us realise ours.

Your career journey will begin with a global induction in London followed by a two-year programme in Scandinavia together with your colleagues and in your job area of responsibility

During 2016 there will not be an external intake
of Graduates.
Information regardning intake 2017 to come.

Our Graduate Program

We want you to realise your full potential

You’ll work in your job area of responsibility and take part in the two-year RSA Global Graduate Programme. The programme is designed to accelerate your learning and help you realise your potential. We’ll make sure of it!

You’ll be learning new things, applying your skills and expanding your knowledge. You’ll make a real difference to our business through memorable experiences for our customers and your colleagues alike. Supported by our RSA Global Technical Academy, you’ll have access to world class learning and development, a support network and access to the community of Graduates worldwide.

Your profile

Be Codan. Be yourself

We stand for diversity of personalities, perspectives and ideas. We believe that every member of our team is unique and important. But wherever we work and whatever we do, we all share the same key attributes that make our people: Individuality, Growth, Collaboration, Customer Focus, Expertise, Ambition and Integrity.

Our business is dynamic and competitive. So we look for Graduates who can demonstrate strong academic achievement throughout their studies. But we don’t hire solely on the strength of degrees or diplomas. Just as important are attributes that extend beyond the classroom – your enthusiasm, drive and ambition.

Opportunities in Scandinavia

There’s no stopping you. You can join us in Denmark or Sweden.

In Denmark you will join Codan in Copenhagen. In Sweden you will join Trygg-Hansa in Stockholm, Malmö or Gothenburg.

We offer three types of graduate positions:

Underwriting Graduate

Underwriting is about making crucial decisions that have a direct bearing on the success of our company. Underwriters arrange and authorise insurance policies with brokers and direct sales. They evaluate the risks and determine the best price for new insurance business.

What you'll do
Insurance policies are many and varied, ranging from insuring the largest multinational businesses to the houses and cars of everyone. Underwriters build close relationships with brokers and customers to understand the risks associated with their daily lives and help them manage those risks. Underwriting offers a superb opportunity to work with real experts to develop your skills, knowledge and experience.

Being an Underwriting Graduate cover different areas of underwriting work in general insurance:

  • Product development
  • Drive and improve the quality of existing products and develop new products and processes

  • B2B development
  • Develop B2B cases within agreed processes and risk appetite to achieve business development and retention targets

  • Portfolio analysis

Lead and provide data modelling and analytical support to evaluate the potential impact on insurance risks

What you'll need
To join our RSA Global Graduate Programme as an Underwriting Graduate you will need a Master's degree preferably in law, economics, business or engineering. You should be a recent graduate with no more than up to two years of work experience post your graduation.

Actuarial Graduate

Actuaries are at the heart of our business, driving our key decisions. They are our mathematical brains, working with figures day in and day out. Using the latest technology, they advise the business and communicate on pricing and risk and carry out other complex analytical tasks. Ultimately, they help us weigh up the odds and take calculated risks.

What you'll do
The RSA Global Graduate Programme will give you a broad range of valuable skills through a mix of on-the-job-training and programme activities. Being an Actuarial Graduate cover the three main areas of actuarial work in general insurance:

  • Capital requirements
  • Building complex financial models to assess the risks we face from past and future business

  • Pricing of general insurance products
  • Developing new and innovative ways of assessing and pricing risks

  • Reserving of claims

Calculating the reserves we need to make sure we can meet our claims obligations

What you'll need
To join our RSA Global Graduate Programme as an Actuarial Graduate you will need a Master's degree preferably in actuary, statistics, mathematics or economics. You should be a recent graduate with no more than up to two years of work experience post your graduation.

Claims Graduate

When the unexpected happens, claims handlers give our customers peace of mind. It's their job to analyse a claim and ensure a fair settlement is made promptly. But they also investigate potentially fraudulent claims to protect our interests.

What you'll do
Claims include many different areas of expertise from claims handling to legal advice, complex case solving and fraud investigations. Claims handlers develop relationships with both the customer and field experts.

Being a Claims Graduate you have two opportunities available to you:

  • Claims handler
  • you'll handle and settle claims for our customers. You'll interpret policy documentation and become an expert in the legal field you're working in. You'll ensure that we comply with regulations and settle the claims fairly to the customer

  • Claims analyst
  • you’ll analyse claims data and create models for understanding trends. You’ll create models for tracking the results of specific claims cost reduction initiatives across different types of claims. You’ll also develop models for forecasting future trends of claims inflation

    What you'll need
    To join our RSA Global Graduate Programme as a Claims Graduate you will need a Master’s degree preferably in law for the claims handling role; and mathematics, financials or economics for the claims analyst role. You should be a recent graduate with no more than up to two years of work experience post your graduation.

Opportunities worldwide

Our world is yours

RSA is a truly global company. We have offices around the world and fantastic international brands such as MORE TH>N, Trygg-Hansa and Codan.

Wherever you are based, we will develop, support and inspire you to be the best you can be. Go to the RSA Global Graduate website to check out opportunities in The RSA Group worldwide.

RSA Group graduate website

Apply for the programme

Your application and key dates

We’ll review applications and invite selected candidates to participate in a telephone and/or face-to-face interview. Based on this interview, we’ll ask some candidates to take part in an assessment centre at our offices in Scandinavia. We look for Graduates with strong attributes, perspectives and ideas to drive success.

If you have questions about your application and/or the RSA Global Graduate Programme please contact Linda Mary Tromborg – Technical Academy/HR 

Phone: +45 30378537