About us

About Codan Renewable Energy

We are proud to be regarded as a leading insurance partner for offshore wind among the major stakeholders in the dynamic industry. Today we operate on a global scale with involvements across European coastlines, Taiwan, Korea and Japan.

In 1991 we insured the first offshore wind farm ever built, and since then we have maintained a leading position in offshore wind industry. We have been involved in most offshore projects in Europe for the last decades and hold a market share of over 60% of offshore wind farms.

On onshore wind farms we maintain a leading position in Denmark and a 25% market share in Sweden. We invest substantial resources in understanding and insuring of solar cell parks throughout Europe and are involved as insurer for climate friendly BIO4 projects in Denmark.

We are convinced that our leading position is a result of partnership approach towards project developers, manufacturers and other industry stakeholders. We strive for proactive and long-term client partnerships by making our expertise available and engaging actively in client management, risk engineering and proactive claims handling.