Claims management

Experience is everything

Having continuously invested in the renewable energy industry since the 1980s we are proud to have the largest team of inhouse engineers dedicated to helping our clients in the event of claims. By investing in technical resources and having resolved more than 4500 claims in the sector; we possess unique insights enabling us to advise clients on best practice and to provide fast commitments on repairs and mitigation strategies.

Active engagement in resolving claims reduces overall costs

Claims in the renewable energy sector are inevitable, however the overall costs associated with a claim very much relies on the proactivity, pre-planning and the manner in which the claim is resolved and the downtime reduced.

Working with Codan; all clients will have a claims framework in place with pre-agreed course of action and contact numbers in the event of a claim. Early notification enables fast response and the sooner Codan´s claims engineers get involved, the quicker the repair method can be agreed and approved. Also; as a substantial contracting party throughout the entire repair supply chain, Codan can secure preferential treatment for our clients through bulk buying power and a strong say in the industry.

"As owners of nine offshore transmission assets across the UK we value Codan as our main insurance partner. Throughout our history we have built a strong relationship with Codan, their technical capabilities in respect of risk management and proactive claims handling has been second to none. We have experienced a critical loss in 2015 where Codan responded quickly and cooperatively. Together we mitigated the losses by conducting swift and robust repair solutions”.

Gary Thornton
Technical Director, Diamond Transmission Partners