Empowering renewable energy

Through long-term partnerships and a proven concept of risk engineering and claims management capabilities, we strive to protect our client’s projects and revenues. As a market pioneer and global leading insurance company for offshore wind, we support the industry to develop and achieve its goals.

Pioneer and global market leader of offshore wind insurance

Through the last two decades, we have been involved in most offshore projects in Europe and today we hold a market share of over 60% of offshore wind farms globally. Our pioneer role as offshore wind insurer has given us profound knowledge of the risk profiles of these projects.

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Insuring renewable energy

We offer a wide array of insurance protection of all types of renewable energy sources and through all phases of the projects.

Improving the risk profile

Sound risk management is the foundation for a strong risk profile. Through surveys and technical sparring sessions we strive to support our clients in optimizing their risk profile.

Proactive claims handling

Providing active engagement in the event of a claim reduces downtime and minimizes overall costs.

"Vestas is the energy industry’s global partner on sustainable energy solutions and it is vital for us to work with an insurance company as global and as committed to sustainable energy as we are.  Having worked with Codan as one of our main insurance partners since 1995, we value both the commercial mindset and technical expertise available within our client team.  As well as working closely with Codan in several aspects of our core business, we place local policies in foreign territories, receive sessions on risk management and get effective claims resolutions in all areas of the world in which we supply sustainable energy solutions."

Per Hjorth Poulsen
Head of Group Treasury & Insurance, Vestas Wind Systems A/S